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Market Inside – Global Trade Intelligence Platform

At Market Inside, we provide users with a web-based platform with AI technology consisting of import and export information, trade insights, and valuable metrics for different industries and businesses. Our import-export data consists of 195+ Countries, 2+ million companies, and 2+ billion shipment records. From manufacturing to retail, from overseas to domestic… Every client is precious to us, and we serve best to our potential, so we bring you the service you require!

Data Specifications Of Import-Export Data In Dashboard

HS Code

Product Description




Total Value

Mode Of Transport


Origin Country

Destination Country

And More…


Our mission is to serve our clients with clean and integrated data with a level of authenticity that helps professionals make smart business decisions. Our team of industry experts manifest the raw shipment data into cleanly integrated representations, and our credible data sources include:

One Place For Answering All Your Trade-Related Questions

Market Inside is keen to provide the answers to your questions that matter for your business with the latest information on international trade and dynamic markets from our web-based platform, equipped with machine learning tools and AI-powered technologies.

  • What is the market share of my product or service?
  • Which new trend is going on in my target market at the moment?
  • How much does my industry is benefiting from any technological advancement?
  • What are the specifications of the product traded?
  • Which product grew in demand for any particular market?
  • What is the tariff line of the product I need to trade?
  • Which companies imported the product the most in the last quarter?
  • What is the total trade worth of your competitor company for 2021?
  • Which companies are exporting any particular product the most?
  • Which region accounts for the highest percentile of imports for a commodity?
  • In which time range, did a country export the commodity for the highest value?
  • What products are being traded between two countries for a particular time period?
  • How much did a port of a country account for the trade last year?
  • What is the percentile share of a port among all the country’s ports?
  • Which country’s port is the busiest relative to other countries’ ports?

Our Team

At Market Inside, we are a team of industry experts and professionals specializing in market research and trade data services, consisting of different individuals who are best positioned to serve you better, as per your business needs.

Our team consists of—Data Analysts, Data Experts, Business Executives, Marketing Managers, IT Experts, Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Content Writers, and Market Researchers.