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Platform Intro

Market Inside works on prioritising the data needs each to an individual's requirements by providing our clients with an AI-based platform that consists of import and export records, country analysis, and in-depth information on companies. Our trade intelligence platform online is equipped with many useful tools & features such as -

Global Data

Access import-export data of more than 195 countries, including the exclusively available ones.

Competitor Analysis

Conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis, comparing details and specifications systematically.

In-Depth Company Profile

Over a million profiles of companies around the world provide the ability to dive deeper into them.

Dashboard Customisation

Easily customize the dashboard according to the profile, and choose how to work and utilise data.

Explore Through A Wide Database!

Data Process and Representation

The raw data retrieved from trusted sources such as customs departments, trade authorities, government agencies and others, is processed and filtered. The import and export records of are cleaned, organised and integrated into our system and represented in various forms-textual, tabloid, interactive graphics, and more to cater to the individual needs of a user.

Highlighted Features

Customised Dashboard

The customisation of the dashboard is an easy-to-use feature available in the dashboard to create a working space in our online trade intelligence platform according to their preferences and requirements, allowing them to work more efficiently and effectively.

In-Depth Company Analysis

The millions of profiles of different companies provide detailed information on their whereabouts and deep insights into their business operations, including essential intelligence on employees. The below section sheds light on the bifurcation of this.

Add-On Features Of Company Analysis Include:

The integration of information related to the importation and exportation of commodities, ranging from raw materials to finished goods, can be utilised to conduct a thorough analysis of how a business is functioning.

The trade analysis devises a way to measure the trade performance of any organisation by employing various mechanisms and integration of import and export records into the dashboard, revealing key insights into a company's trade.

The details regarding the employees working in an organisation in different departments can be accessed in the company's information system to analyse different aspects of selected employees for concluding the objective.